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Letterbook, LB-048

This letterbook covers the period Februaiy-April 1891. Most of the letters are by Alfred O. Tate. There is also correspondence by Edison, Thomas Maguire, and John F. Randolph. Many of the letters relate to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and to legal and financial dealings among the various phonograph companies. Some of the legal correspondence concerns the suit brought against Edison and the Edison Phonograph Works by the Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Co. Other letters relate to foreign patents, improvements in the incandescent lamp, mining and ore milling, and electric traction systems. There are also letters dealing with Edison’s personal finances, including his investment in the local illuminating company at Sunbuiy, Pennsylvania; his financial relations with Jesse Lippincott and Harry M. Livor; and his transfer of ownership of the Edison home at Glenmont to his wife, Mina. There are several letters pertaining to billing arrangements for experiments conducted at the West Orange laboratoiy for the Edison General Electric Co. There is also correspondence regarding alterations and improvements in the laboratoiy. The front cover is marked "General Letter Book." The book contains 497 numbered pages and an index. Approximately 30 percent of the book has been filmed.


. ' " . J

- .-'I

February 27,

***? °f 5*V°i ~~ »— <* ^‘-ant 'was t„

Jne’ fi!fl 1 r0£jd th° senna with interest. ■' * :

Yon I’oi'o r to the Coaa t aands of California and Orecon. , ,The 'rouble with those, is that they carry about fc.BO par 'ton, and-

>- ibVty Per °£ thB «“k »«* - «ic, the other 60 ' lav j. lig weathered to a sort of nom^net:

'rlUl thq Tm3HinS Pr°00SS* | «*» **>» ore is too far from iiViJ^aation to be of value. 1




February 27, 1S9.1,


on r.iy return to the Laboratory a l'ow dsyc absence of several weeks 1 find your letter of 16th

endowment fund for the Orange Meir

I regret k very much that it

to subsc:

to this’ fund. 2 already have Moreover, I need every, cent 'I t

iry lieavy drain on tny resource:

spare in,my experimental work

experimenting in directions which


! turns ,

My laboratory expi

sannot afford

to -add to them.

I think the

.ch merchants and bueina:

ones ^?ho should subscribe to the Hos

Ltal fund,


February; 27, 1891

fiat tickets,

-• A. "Edison. Yours truly, jfj

Pr i vat q S & ci*6 tai*y

I bec to confirm the following telegrams enhanced 'self and Mr. Edison to- day:-

11 Impossible to Cet scats y ou desir had sixteenth row. BUTLER."

Thomas' But U-r,‘ Esq. ,

Ka 'Jon JJui W i nfs , Broa d St . , ‘inir York City.

Te binary 27, 189;

Your telegram of yesterday in regard to Mr. Kdison's 18 ”0t anS^^>til ^>mi»g owing to •* absence 1 bae t0 00*rfim my telegram in reply, which


illed unexpectedly to Mew York t] will not be here this afternoon.

A. 0. Tate.

"y' °"d t0l6Gram> if it Will be convenient for

"\° tM.tiiV °” M0nday anomoun, has just been handed to 1U>'bl° t0 r°rly t0 4t owineto Hr. Edison's absence, but ' i,Vl9diately -he rcturns York, either, this after:

.vly to~morrov/ (Saturday)* \


Private Socret&ry <

February 27, 1891

F{e Stephen A. Northrop, 1 ,

i o r t W a y n e _, Indiana. ' . ,

Upon Mr. Batson* a return to the Laboratory , a few days ac° afts.r an absence of several weeks your letter of 14th instant was handed to him. I return herewith the blank which accompanied **’*' iciest ion and upon which Mr. Edison has written his'

Jujp.i nal opinion of “Christ and .the Bible."

In regard to the statement attributed to Mr. Edisoh and con¬ tained in the clipping forming part of your letter how under reply, t)v sam.- it. correct, excepting that the last words should, read: 'xnoAua? 115 the great Engineer of the universe, instead of *

"and also for the greatest among than all^the- blessed God* »

■Yours very truly, '

Private Secretary.

February 37, 1691.

Felix GiOttscKalk, Ks()., President,

■•Automatic PhonoGraph Exhibition Co.,

#16 Park Row, Nov/ York City.

Deal* Sdri-

Referrinc to. yo,ur recent letter in re card to the soventh naabor lor the Board in the Exhibition Company, I beG to aay that Jir. J, Skehan, of Spencer Srask & Co*, would Ise " acceptable to me and has indicates* his willingness to serve if hft be elected.

February 23, 139;

Yriiu' lettpr of 25th 1 113 1 ant, enciosins anewor of the

'^diaon Phonograph Company in the matter of Stats Taxation, has

^eal) flu?3r received. I note that you desire the answer to be i|fGnod by Mr. Edison as President of the Company . The President Pf the Edison Phonocraph Co. > Mr. Samuel Insull. Should the

V^oium truly

?e binary 23, 1891.

Edison Electric Light Company Room 71, $44 Wall St., Mei

I Atwu herewith list', of Canadian patents granted to Mr* Ediaon for ‘inventions relati^ to eleotrio 'liehtinc e^u.-ao- oording to the record of the Ottawa Patent Office, the same having accompanied your letter to me dated 84th instant. .

I have examined all of Mr. Edison's patents which are in the Laboratory safe, and find that there are no Canadian patents for inventions in electric lighting or- pov/or work included among them. To be exact, there is only one Canadian patent, and tiat is on the subject of telephones.1 .

Privat e Secretary.

February 23, 1891.

I>lv dear Instill,* _

The ace ourits of ‘the Edison Phonograph Works . BGiMmt the Month Amain. can Phonograph Company are all in shape . ^ fm t0 Pasa on-; It vdll take about half an hour to arrange' . th«Wwholo matter, after which the accounts can be very rapidly completed and handed in. There is no me in Ware going ahead ' am making , regular bills without your approval of the items.

7* BUah> +'he NVA* ?* do'» attorney, ia mWcinc a formal demand

h* Aay Up0n Enton ** accounts, claims that the af- -

y fairs of the H. A. P. Co. are being injured on account of our clel^, uo tint the first day next week ‘you are able to spare a few. moments' time the matter -could bo settled.

February 23, 1891.

Eclward c


»M-IY to loam that tiro quadruple* imtruoento aim found on\ 3P“ti"' t0 to a««tiva, and I roc tot very enrol, that you have boon put. t0 the trouble of repair!*, th,,. ' fhe.e irrotrunente ohould not teve left tiro Laboratory rf tiny „„ „„t ln ^

*<*•"“ * «**> fomyou a bill oovorim the

very truly,

March 2, 189;

Mr. Jana^ Hoaf.il,

Superintendent of tfrack,

D. 1>. & W. -R. Co., Hoboken,

We desire tp borrow for two or three .day*. V rail- bonder, for use in establish inC a curve on a lino of track which we are w.nnin c in the laboratory grounds for experimental rail- waj' purposes. ¥/e also wish to borrow for the same period a ,rincii har for drawing spikes > Would y ou lave the kindness -to lend us these? If so., be good enough to send them to your

•am whom we will obtain their


j°oap Jtodama.

PllDNnrR ; °f . thS Feb^ mimbai

' m ,Sn> «•*’«■ « «» Laboi-atory, * (

-A? aesona nonibai. is ? ijraat inproveBsnt c

C°o a con-



'Se-oi-o taiy .


" Ponn'a* Oohtiehtrntihg Works. V. 8. >erH^ fedq'., Ti'easurer', Mow York City*

„it! ' 800.00, *i0B toeether =11 tor Jl, Mo.oo jMta I !»« rtndma! <t;p ydw <jo,w

^ rfV'U“ *- -to to »o, ^

■“ <**.**.<». n. ...,^ rqcaiM> Kd


Yours., trul;

March R, 189:

Collins, Esq.,

£-130 Bay St rest Savannah, Ga.

I bog 'to acknowledge with many thanks the rebeipt of esteemed favor of- 23rd, ult imo, in lb inning me that Elect ri

w&d of Savannah awarded the contract for’ Ijho equipnidht of Road to Mr.- Slattory, the Agent of the Ediso.n General Elec- Company. I am much gratified to learn that ^tlie : Eirec tqrq ;i Railroad adopted- the Edison system, and I appreciate very Ly the effort which .you were kind enough to make in. favor of

•al Company. Rest assured that neither yourself

this matter and

.11 regret y



y on have mad<

Company the equipment of y<

i sa iorm of c onf id enoe o onC or ning

Re Mary S. Chandler Mortgage for §1,000, and in r to your, letter of 27th ultimo, I wish you' would obtain from y correspondent in Honark the following information, which will enable me to clecide what I shall dp:


of the property which

{2) Has it ever been rented? If

at how much per annum?

i do horises of about tlie same i i-ghborhood rent for per an mm?



ty truly

Ison General Electric Co,

1 enclose herevrith soine correspondence from P. B. Nation to the Sunbuxy Station. I believe .that you miliar than any one else with the operations which rried on in connec tion with this plant and can there - mo as to' the desirability of accepting Mr'.'awu

are more


Edison originally took‘41 sin dabt of $4,106; he then cense

of stock of


sente dt



Mr. Winslow Allderdico,

regard to arc lamp' carbons, and would be 'glad if you will sej half a do son of these so that he may ma];e a teat of the smo. iflaich lie toiU «flaBiBnic&te: with 'you further;-



Samuel I ns nil, Esq,,

Edison .Building., -Broad St Nev? .York City .

i' re no nman named Pi or re Richemond, son of t ho

Engineer from *h6m «r. . Bdiso# obtained the patterns for the triple expansion engine* «ili probably call upon you this week to obtain pension to enter the Works .^t Schenectady aid remain there tor * Poupie of weeks, prior to his sailing fbr Trance to resume his duties in^conueetion with the. Qbmpagnie Continontalo Edison/ He has . *@peatad*y revues ted Mr . Hdis.on t< go to SchenooVdy and

give hi pi authority t< been referred- to you. Mr. Edison, si that he ip doing too much motor work *t Schenectady po render . safe to tills y^ns man’s request and wants you to polite!

wasa him off. His' father ms yeiy courteous to Mr. Edison who: the latter was in Paris, and w therefore vmt to. let .the boy.d easy.

Yours veiy truly

Private Secretary

™8 **» *4won Gsn’l. Riectrio oo,

? agfy wa- yrhffj J'^oe him I win cive 'Jjjri ir$ iBcarylis '

Private Saqratans

tfaroh s, X86\1

tiaj'Or S. 5 #120

A d w a y ,

Hew York City

■Dear $Sr?-

Heferringto the waivers of Toy Fhonograp tohTCH! akecutod * Mr. Edison, I. find that there Wo of «wb 4o»J*i* the first two quarters of the f tlpt Vmqp ©«ay. the quarter ending January 1, 1890, a: 33W. 4**? the contract royalties ware payable with: *** *?*?;***•* -****• The third quarter would ther< .'** A At -and royalties wpuld he payable Jufy soth , An ■m*rteri«oxm*x$. October .a*t ^nd royalties become pay .^th. The .record Shows tJft the -royalty . which we Ver ,tP:,a4W^ «* *** quarter, that is to say, fo:

^ «r 30th In proof of tJ

#39 «*py of letter from Daniel Wold, Spp/y. Edison -?cr ^U, io inauai,. Aw^t 3s>;th> vJ.

fSM mV? ip * f""*1* <*. M* held on AW

Mr] lmn y,M present m during which . Ipeul *• >»*•? ? "»*■» Of royalty; ^ iqu

f* #»1r>fiWLno»'W> iHyhioh ha

Q fnd I .an interview /

Obtain the

.paps :

I »• of‘ .

Tw%* "’"”i""! f°- *•**«. Ooiintl-iss. L tm .m

*!»“ -Wntas it ta Mi w eSs..

!W '■"*"* bo a*

T* f***’* °” « *’»*r f-ien. a«,10,

l""‘ * 1^a*' *”&'*>*: «■ wmmute. of profits, W oouM

Ifhar .Alai*? in addition thereto?

, .Jl 3fi! *s® pp&smpe tip

a$ Qfotej] .ana panada.

**P "«•-» «%*** »o»/o»pii«»t«

*Mw, #* 9»tor. a«i» l,ttor ,^,Uo„ rtu bate, nr

i*j» #. riju you Um t0 ^ (h8

Pf^t^ || ;^y . , '

Wr. Edison v/oald all ^ toy ..phonograph noehani,

This 'brines into quaatio]

F*>0 relfetionir

?°«ra ypry truly

private Seorstar

March 3, 1891<

Dear Sir:-

Ref erring to the attached, Mr. Edison has requested nfi to write- a letter to .Ran, dewing the statement of Mr. Ullmann’s advocate that Mr. Edison had given to Mr. Ratheneau, Manager of the German Company, a list of tin lamps alleged to have been im¬ ported into France from America by the Cie. Continentale Edison,

. -,000 t. w thought that yon would like to read the let-

sfer to dictate

comnunioat ion

we re

the answer yourself, as

Ratheneau. when he was here.

Yours very

Private 'secretary

Mi 8 3 V. K. JicRae,

Daar I latiana , - , ' : | . .

toterrtos to Mr, iw. shbaerlption .for i tyaroa of the Capital stock, of yJu:' MuGazjno. tpIEB PHOMOGRA

“T *** “■ »« *«•».' i

a°H^ “=«'» °»4* fo-teo, covo-i^ hat:

amount 01' liis aubscnipt

. the same be ins in accoi’danei

T “%Ur * «*>«*•» Piece, ^«eaee

m*m fop..« th;-^;- sto„ ^ ,W(k.


Mr. Pierre Riche'monft,

Hotel Victoria, . Hev; York


Referring to om1 conve: I beg. to advise you that Mr..Ediso] Edison General Electric «o. * does i


possess the

tfaoritr t o grant yon pans:


Works in GcIei

> samel Insull, 2nd .Vice-

President of the Edison; Gen* 1. Electric Co,

Broad St., Mew

the -gentleman whose consent it will te

necessary for

to obtain.

Mr. Insull at his

office. any morning during the prase



Private Secretary



ho Bdi3on Cienerql

Electric Company yci 11 be billed

the follov/ins manna :

Buildings & Fixtures -3H20»694.8G,

per annum.

The total

of exp orimonts Tor the Ed

septing- those do¬

ll add 30X to the deevesa l

jttttl Inyeg tment i want? a memo-

oach month,

uinto upon whiah ve

March 4, 1891,

am very much. surprised to learn from

3rd instant that you have Phonograph t

lent the Austr: tlye Toy Phonograph Company-, 'ensed under Mr. Edison's pat aits,

1 expense of taking . oat cert)

Patent on the Toy This Company is simply and though they have paid .rt foreign- pat ents, they liave abso- lntelr no ri^ht 40 th» U»ee belonging 'tj-'hr. .

Wiwn, aid they ehoald have.bSen mt ^Hr. Zdison „he„ ^

.ten from abroad. ,r, no, ii ligation ** .

I.y 0MPW, and the' ohan.es are that if they W Mr. Edison ™»„ these original Patents they rtll refuse to git,' then np .«* jir pelled to do so. Therefore if yoa are unable to get thee, back

it will be necessary for you to .obtain iopies of the patents that are now in the hands of the Toy Company, certified in such. a manner as will render the copies as serviceable * us as the originals, What patents did you send tp the Toy corjppny?

iippn some other pretext, from abroad

Xours truly.

: March 4, 1391,


N. J. & Penn'

Concentrating Works ,

I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of

3rl instant, enclosing Certificate for 33 shares of the Capital Stick of your Company, the same being in exchange for ny check of $1,800.. 00 sent to you 2nd instant, and in payment of my bill for ,500,00 for property known as the Morris Pond Tract transferred to your Company, deed of which is in yiour possession. I return herewith voucher which I have receipted, the same having accompanida

tlie letter of your Vice-President dated 2nd instant.

Yours truly

March 4,

: l.rttir of 28th ultimo,

«» raft*,, to «.«„ ^or 6100 eharee stock

a™ north ta».„ Phonoertph Companf, the oace oavhrttoo to

“"°0’' OWin0‘0 *he . certain agreement between

««=» and loose H. Mppineott dated l,Uy 8„th, I8S9> „a ^ 1 farther aBr0ement dated April i, 18go.


- ... v.j>ton, Kaq.

hw:- m'c: DaP't*» Edison C-er.'l. 331ectri Harrison, IT, j, .

Ve find that carbons marked Jan'y. 2? -and jn* on tost ^ us - and yo» correspond!^ order Mo, ffi. - are very Cood. Ascertain iVom Force and Midkmsh wiki-, difference there is' in the carbons. I also want you to send descriptions of orders previously -nt, so l oan, compare-. * ** y0U1. orders, but don't know how

they are done; therefore cannot compare.

. 106

March 4, 1891.

Sidney B. Pay no, Esq., Gen'l. Manager,

Edison Gen'l. Electric G'o., Maw England District,

#38 Pearl St., Boston, Maes.

Dear Sir:-

Will you ve*y kindly sencV me a reply to ny letter to you dated 12th February last, and also return the letter of Miss Annie K. Doak which accompanied the same.

Yours very truly,

March 4, 1891,

Samuel Instill* Esq*, 2nd Vice-Pres't

Jdison Building.

Hew York City,

The Lamp factory is "off" again, the lamps which they are turning out being very poor, and I am now hunting the bug. I cannot and shall not, undertake to put things to rights and carry On experiments for raising the economy from 15 to 20 if present methods are to continue. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

I now ask that the Company permit me to put raj' the factory, who shall report to me direct. He



nor will he interfe:

any way whatever, with the

ment, his duty being simply to report to


being carried out accord:


Yours very trulj


Edison Building, Broad St., New York Oil

It is absolutely necessary that I should have the ont:

services for several months of Mr. Phelps, the ohi.ei' draughtsman in Mr. Henderson's department. Please arrange this matter with Mr. Henders bn if there is no serious objection.

Yours very truly.


March 4, 1891'

its concerning Mr. Edison contained in the

dipping v/hich accompanied- your letter of 27th ultimo are unt:

Mr. Edison is not a veget!

He, however, experiments

then with his diet,

Should he feel ill for' some time he entirely

shanges his diet

to produce a change of the chemical ra¬

the environment, so that

ho quickly feels all right again.

Privato Secretary


March 5, 1891,

Edison United Phonograph Co.,

G. N. Moriaon, RaQ.,. Secretary ,

Mills Building, New York City .

Wear Sir.1-

I too to acknowledge the receipt of letter of 3rd imtwt, informing mo that at the annual. feting „r th, holders of four 0,TOW held at Orange, N, J., Hontoy, >toh a.d. ien, i elected a director to serve for the ensuing year! This to to signify ny acceptance of the chid office.

Yours t inly , '

Major S. B. Eaton,

irlZO Broaclway , New York Oily ,

Referring to tlie attached correspondence, I do not find, therein any acknowledgement of Hr. Edison's payment of $3,500 for account of tha Automatic Phonograph Exhibition Company beyond a paper which purports to be a copy of a. letter from Mr. Idppincott to his attorney, Mr. Bush. The original of this letter it appears from the copy was not signed by Mr. Idppincott himself, hut »por W." Even this letter does not make proper reference' to the check of $3,500 which Mr. Edison drew on August 14th to Mr. Idppincott' s order, but states that Mr. Idppincott paid $7,500 to the A. P. E. Co., with -the request that one half of tte same ($3,750) should be credited to Mr. Edison. Now Mr. Edison did not authorize Mr. Lippincatt to make any payments to the A. P. E. Co. for his account, and either did he agree -with the A. P. E. Co. to make them any advances what ever, beyond the aim of $3,500, which at the time was paid Mr. Edison understood was, with payments from the ^ther stockholders, all the money that the Company' would have to borrow. Mr. Edison infomed the officers of the A. P. E. Co. and also' in-

<0~* **«»'**» * -W

Major S. B,

~2- Martin 6, 1391.

for any further advances. He therefore refuses absolutely to aC^- knowledge himself indebted either to Mr. Lippincott or to the A. P. 13 Co* -or any sum of, money whatsoever in this connection, and he desires to obtain an acknowledgement of the #3,500 payment mado by him on August 14th last, This chock was dravm to the order of iin lippincott. It appears that Mr. .Lippincott requested the A. P. K. Oo. to credit payments direct, instead of which the A. P. E. Co. hive credited Messrs. Bobinson and Blodgett, Trustees. Query ivero Messrs. Robinson and Blodgett appointed Trustees ty Mr. Lippincott or by the A. P. R.; Co., and v/hat are the conditions of their tirnst? Yfhat kind of an aCkhowledgement has Mr. Lippincott obtained for the moneys which lie lias loaned the A. P. E. Co.? It 'Would seem that the agreement of trust should cover conditions relative to the repayment of this money, and if it does, d certi- t’ied- copy of the same, together with a direct acknowledgement from the trustees of Mr, Edison’s payment, will lie Satisfactory. ■Other-wise we are entitled to and must obtain an acknowledgement of the dejbt .direct frail' the A. B. Co. The intervention of Hr, Lippincott was purely incidental, lie being merely a medium" be twe on Mr. Edison and, the trustees or the A. P. B. Co.

, ypnrs; very . truly ,

% dear Sir;

Referring to y our


onthoatoohofthatOo^. ^>4raiwaoiiiis

"Sla “8” * W ta wr« pw„nt the

~tlon " ^ *** NaM - ™‘ »

in order to aealat ftUw,.- «r. Sdiaon oontod later on to a 50X reduction of hie hoMine,

»» 20 1/2 shares. the lif„ ^ ^

E'US°“ «"»» twelve hundred doUara

**" ““ ** OMiC“ them to expire. I ^

stood from your first if>+ + 0

1W*er " «- "*»»■ ‘"of «r. Edison ,aa tc

receive stoeh in the „„ compan,. „tho„,

and it certainly seems to » *w4 >

tor, that suoh an arran8e„ent and no other

a-r. I* tte non atoej be Placed outs ido 20 1/2 shares ;e «* a larde Pr«„, and ^ ^

* T" ** “«*«.. «. mono, which *. '

tdison invostod for th. Sunhurv 0„,TOW io „0 aebt by „„„„„

dependent upon

^ng taxed for ,'the

.proceecUncs Court

Yours very trul;;

Private Secretary

118 1

March 5, 1891,

Major s. B. Eaton,

7^120 Broadway,

. , Wav/, York City .

Dear sir:--

I send yon h.rewith 15th prooi * agreement between

*• Eai30n *“ ,to. *“*» s™-1 Co., and ,,.g'

0«11 your attention to page 7 of'th. same.

*h, Tina, change »hi.h ahculd be 'mide rea.,.. to work pip.

ibnead outside the Laboratory. This provision did not appear in tS° M0°f f!,°” M’ich i»y. memorandum now in your hands, but

haa b0°- ins*rtM -r- *>*■«* tb. ....

T S‘ * ?"TO1"3 Sh°M ^ - *«-«*« as a part « S.P-,000 par year payable to Hr. Hdiaon. Phis ia

The contract givas Hr, ftiaon tb. rigbt to organise his force in

the. Laboratory ior tb. expenditure of , y_. „„„ ^

ior the moment that - are so organise^ and that Hr. .diaon f i„to

1 sgardihg a certain experiment tho* < + v

•that it can ha conducted more ox-

poditiowly and at leas, coat in Schenectady; the aotua! cos, ef

t.« osp.rim.nt ia no, known until i, Js ^ ^

owe that whan the wprk don. it msounted to S5.ooo.

the general Company propose, to that „.,ou„t ir„m Hr. Mia„„-

Major S. E. Eaton.

Mar cih 5, 1891«

allowance . Is Mr. Edison to reduce his force to the extent of five thousand dollars after he finds out what the expense has. been for,Bi8 foreiGn experiment, or how is he t o. protect idmaelf? if he does not reduce his force the effect will be that he will have to pay out of his own rocket the cost of experiment, coveted af, the shops. Jt is most dangerous and most undesirable that the Laboratory ehouW. be hitched up in this agreement .with any otl^ concern. The General Compaq can protect itself by providing that rxo experiments shall be conducted at its shops without special authorization, and when Mr. Edison wishes to take or send work to -"Schenectady .he can obtain the requisite authority. I have altered that portion of the agreement so that- it requires the General Co.- ' to pay the cost of experiments conducted at the shops , riri y ou can •. rearrange the language with respect to special authorization for those experiments if y «■ consider it imore desirable in the interest of tl© General Company,. t

Iho »>*t ohinss «. is i„ lino. 14 and IS. I have 6,osS,a •"* tte Wrt.! •and.th, .or* to to Son, 6, th. said

Mioon on M.« acoonn. alao ,a aforesaid;-. and inerted' no- .

wits owporno-nt. to to made . for th, north ta.rioa company / ** I*0™** to th, tilth section. horoot.. '

Th, third ohmeo is in lam 16, Striite out the words »Th/

****•> «* *»'»ti«nta ..,hr„.fo„«, ot th, esperi- rental labor capacity pf the said-^borstoxy . » .

4 iftjWBgRh t, g ^ 2 '■ t

The s o two last changes are very important, for the reason that they will show the intention to. divide the Laboratory upon the basis of Labor. I do not think it worth while raakiilC any other

changes in the agreement. Then

3 no tiling wliatever in this

vdiioh vail require any fresh negotiation. That is something, that ' we desire to avoid, and as the contract is now it can be interpre¬ ted in accordance with Mr, Edison's understanding. I do not apprehend that it is your wish to insert in the body of .the con¬ tract- the. schedule showing how cost shall be made up. If a paper something like the following be attached to the contracts and signed by both parties when the agreennnts are reoxecnted it .will I should. think answer all pract'icabra purposes :

Memorandum attached to contract October 1st, 1890, betvreen A. Edison and the Edison General Electric Company.

It is agreed by the panties to the above contract that the '.cost of experimentation for tto Edison General Electric. Ooippany' at the Edison Laboratory 9 hall comprise-, the foil owingf

Cost of Labor.

Cost :of -Material .

General Expense (including ordinary recognised experae,- taxes, insurance, ap-’ pliances arid small tools).


5Son Inves toent Aooount $115,044.86, Buildings & Fixtures IQ* .on Investment a/c $64,984.70, Machinery & instrmonts.

B. Eaton,


»mto*y Upo„ the basis of direct



Marc^i 5, 1391.

Major S. B. Eaton,

#120 Broadway,

New York City..

Dear Sir:-

I enclose herewith letter under date March 3rd from Ur. GoorGB B. Prescott, transmittinE Clie ok for Mr. Edison' b share

of' the Enslisli Quadruple* royalty . You will notice that Mr. Pres'cott refers to it as the "final payment," and for that reason I send you the papers in connection with the same' ftr your exami¬ nation, the same b'oinc as follows:

A„Bor»nt bstwon I. A. Mlaon, Goo. B. P^sooU Gorritt Smith? iith relation to MM. of. Gt. Britain Ho. 384 of 1S75 and Ho. 197 of 1877,. dated Hay 31, 1877.

Additional agreement between the same parties, dated 12th JanSn°/ l37S by 'which the -.interests of the, various parties . are vested in a Trustee. ' . .

Please return all the papers with your reply, and obliSe.

Yours truly

March 5, 1891.

S. B. Hat on,

How York City

istitute a searoh for tlje deed of

Glenmont, Mr . B&isoj

i si denes

possession. The . only papers which we have liacl in connection with

this property wera those tliat you. sent us at the tine the mortgagi

at the hoxTsoi

New. York.

Mr. Insull if he fcnoWp anything about it,

Yours' very trul;

Private Seoretarj

March 5, 389;

Samuel Insim , J3aq

litre et.

>i' GliRMHOm

Mr. Edison’

(idcai os

Ddla-on Lila

among he:


the house,

have/ thought

might possibl;

be an the Safe Deposit Lng about the document?

in Hew York,



■turn to the Laboratory

leveral v/eo3



sams -with imioh interest,




'atoiy irhese

made of

are excellent

*’ *’ - al-

,lm6‘ll4y t0 «H3luu,„skl,s desire ana snppiy hiB

' r,hO'l0,:‘''"il' ,ou «» iw~,»t is linrop. U con-

Company , x am pro-

abltM *,„*», from Ormi.lUn,, W,onocmr„„ for in tsrrf

W -** 0°»!W 1 -™ r««« u,o letter t,

* °m“ * V«*. « am /advising „r.

u-stono*,:, of w ,.«o„ in u,o matter tnisW, .

Youra very truly

w/ ^

C^W/t/^d-A^ . (McO-J^Usi '~^o KpUte? ^d-ct-L,

Ott/MSi? ^Mccu


Samuel In:

mil, Esq., Building, Broad How York City

|0nfirm the following' tele


“Do nothing . in c hear further fs

connection with Livoi finm me. Thoa . A. Ed:

matter until you

very truly.

M. Cert', ! Second Ave., I New York Cit;

Dear S:

! t o your letter of Edison's t ice is ei it is impraoticabl< lo matt are.