Cdi*on^ lap&tA


PART III (1887-1898)

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A Note on the Sources

The pages which have been filmed are the best copies available. Every technical effort possible has been made to ensure legibility.


Reel duplication of the whole or of any part of this film is prohibited. In lieu of transcripts, however, enlarged photocopies of selected" items contained on these reels may be made in order to facilitate research.

1888. Edison, T.A. - Outgoing Correspondence (D-88-18)

This folder contains copies of outgoing correspondence similar to the material found in the Letterbook Series. Most of the letters cover the period Januaiy-October 1888 and pertain to the phonograph, the phonoplex system, electric lighting, and other technical and business interests. Some of the letters deal with the establishment of electric light systems in foreign countries, particularly Japan and Switzerland, and with management changes at the Edison Spanish Colonial Light Co. Other letters relate to the introduction of the improved phonograph in Great Britain and other foreign countries. There are also letters regarding Edison’s search for improved batteries, the development of improved condensers at the Edison Machine Works, phonoplex production problems at Bergmann & Co., and problems with electric wiring in the homes in Llewellyn Park. There is also some personal correspondence. Much of the correspondence is by Edison’s private secretary, Alfred O. Tate. There are also letters by Charles Batchelor on behalf of the West Orange laboratory and the Edison Phonograph Works.

Approximately 50 percent of the documents have been filmed. The following categories of documents have not been filmed: routine personal and business correspondence by Edison, Tate, and Batchelor; routine letters from the West Orange laboratory pertaining to accounts, bills, shipping, and miscellaneous orders for equipment and supplies; duplicate copies of selected documents.

"y J*ta* ' c-'to- ai:-

1 -r , "(11 ton hi? « X’cooivoa lottorc. from yourself'

j aid ilcnnin,"ton undor ditto 'of' Oat. Hov. 1, hov. 10 Mid Doc. 7th, vvitvcn from I unite iu, Pr.m and ri. "Onmota." I have roaaivod arid hrudad +.o him tv/o .'samples! of fibre. As roquet; tod in y.'oitp ' . lot to 5- from lo-iiitoii;, uno.or. date of Hov. 10th, I enclose. herewith aj:ohn»$o for rfi#, r, "djoon ha:; nox j;ivo?i mo my in:,tructionn to aorij. you, but may later in the day. Everythin*} lwro '-is- coins - alon.v; .arimin^ly; tho Laboratory in Completed raid. in ■rnnnin.j- order. .Do tlii up, .very titurtlin,'.; ban -hapi'erod rsirsoo you loft. 1 oxpoct ' that H:nrin";ton will bo in how Jovh in a!) out ton day «, ho started .iVom Ptra on .'Saturday nr Sunday

Yoarss truly , 1

■#-. 6.?

I boliovo that you aro tho President of the Vi Oo.. I attach a letter from I'a.ior Tiaton a;;ainnt tho Ore £ hilling Oo. Tor clis- t u-cc i.-iont !’« a;7o I wont to ’tutor 'tat on in por- o submit l:ia claim to the Ore, t'illin,'; io., o..J.e msili roco/piition of it .00 would prevent it

1 thin. A month

l I wrote remindin'; him that we

ao’ain aukofi him to forward it.

1 Ci t craimmic.vtion we huvo rooci''

a friendly law emit in promaturo, 3ro;;t of ull concerned if he -would

hvlodcod by tho board of

urec "0)’;; of the Ore hilling Oo.. At: neither myself nor Hr. t.i.wn hold office in tho Ore .rilling Co., I have not replied to . .ajor baton, but with tho above explanation placo '.tho .mat tea* in your liando. Youro truly,

1 flint infjtton, Vu,

V) o a r n i vj:-

| '-I have -.our lottorn of tlio J)Oth and ;>Oth ult.

In i*o forcnco tc tlio former, tho nrrunfjomanb Tdilah you anyKjOBt an to tho . . JMtiori of jour time in quito natinfactory . I hopo that tho Ooquhjhito buttery «ill not i’Oijuii'Q too rituoh nurainG, though iy ha t o' v 'oi , a 1 1 oh t i 9 n ' 1 n . ' hoopnaury aiant bc/^lvon it, acr ' I' uni; voi-y mwcioua- tf natinfy tho. Form. Tl, II, people. I thin]; by to- h ni!;l:t \;o './ill ’ of r, TWiiion'u nev battery in circuit in ■ono of f o tonjinc roonn, imd ,ju;;t an noon an -,ro ;ot the ooila

onn (supply tho Venn. .!. h. vith'it. Ul''U

volution] to your record letter, on a "o. 11 hr.:*' drn\m

xv inra 117 > dlon v/ithout any trouble and a del tho. ■oo, I do not thinl: thoro in any uno in your ,io coil of "rci-tcr rcai at unco than the one \;u uno m that very thoroughly, and foxmd that tho coll »o iicr.; n.vo ~nM the very, boat one wo could :;ot. Vo nhall robably have to ixJco nomo pba%en in it in c anno ct ion v/ 1th tho

icv; battery ;:/ypti;.:had iibt.ter.:vfhiVi ihij tbis,: ;■ /Vv'VvbV;


m i*o - ^tru r,o -1>v.LX;on y.oi’ oi 10 .'oaiii # .it* Jl, , of bulrivory material, ore. 1ev;;wann . \o/ cent , io the anolouoil copy of a lot*or art-

i yeui’w'lf: unt.or * i -o o : uh ulu., in hioh the no prioon

' I ibriatt'o ^thin t.o you in oaan tho ori/jinol lottor ; nhouiu iiuvp tii nc^/rioa., It x;; probably in t’:o V, 0, at iamtiny-

hr, j-\, <T a Kuldonborg,

Broad v/uy, noar, Eranklin St B. Y, City,

Boar B i r : -

'Oh .Cihriptmas Bay in soarohing through various " packagon in my house far Ohrirstmas protionts, I cnrsio across a package from yourself containing the beautiful tspmplos ; which you so. kindly sent mo, ancl which had boon mislaid by one of my nor-,; vents. X re grot exceedingly that this should hewo ocourrod and hog tho acooptaneo of ;my thanks-' now for the ourionifion, which,

I cunvuro you, I prize voxy highly. hr, English tolls mo that you kavo tho noaroot thing ' to. tho ' oyoballs of a U, fi. fionator, namely, tlio oyobhlln of a tnuntny. Tho first time I am in ITow York I shall do myooif tho pleasure of calling txpon you, vSi on I trust.

Youi’ti truly.

I.ry 3)o nr In null

cncuy c^roaa *.* ^ o°-

nooo nontlcp»r< Ju-vo oomo over f.-om jinon rt- 7, tU-<' u n0 ,,£lPa“-

a Oontral Nation outfit cltlr T1'0"0 o1'

«»;■ -ssys&s HIS

From ”:•. pras:ai« v;hiau in rlrtefeviii-- <- 1^0 .-lay an entn-iato ,

s Isilir1

. fjcntlonoTi, rha leave for Tir-1:,nr -ool^rn 'Bhori0 ‘Tar™cs°

; 13orJ:inison "and oilier ^ )i if-ii r si ' Jru t cl'' t * ll u,1° to buy.'xtf.ison?- very nonf !»; price that vro dharro'-l If 'fi » f°V .

COim to nay (01,500 Tor a macl^no .that „hoy arc not

arc they coins, to fay -Sorts ' ?„ y !' t S°| i’or W500. Poithor Ti'i 3J. bo able to purchase all tho jarnSlv v InllS’l'l11 tho-'

. Berlin and Parin' for vdrv >"ieh 1 0£' ' 1 h';,/ ? 1U11 c ln. London,

. Babcock boilorn or onHiSfiL. Hr" a^tlT I;111 tho'“' buy

s^xr-ss-r ™iW-- " , 1-t,££r;,;££ jrs^svsr “■ ~ s £ ?£££;.£

to' him,

KMmu r™nt ttr the Of o..uvitSi °

to put1 S“°5S£° ,£L 8 ? y; ••--•■ *■*<». .

£‘* ^-ZtZt^XJSSS ?££%£*

'but X an ope chine lion about people uho hove to buy aril pay a;-ob r6r machinery . Without nonro arrangement lifco this io mailo they will not, although they vront to very uruoh, buy our machinery.

They alrcntly have mu- price liot, cot i’lum some Control Station.

, 'January fi, 88,

iho' Edison J-inohino. Works,

•f’okcn'op'tafty, Y.

I have /oiu’ loUor of LheV~u: install, in reference to 1 l/;i j/, pondc-noni's. You entirely overlook the foot that wo i o no pro lit; Whatever on those ; condon porn, : sii.iply L XI me them i> ranist tip tlil'i’c./.ciTo k>»^smea( At t ’annltoeturar 'n ; rotten,.

If vre derived any profit -Jw— es, from the) i,alo of lia-uerial, we .

would bo ver y glad to place orders foi1 . aiilralloay':; but you pro practically dealing direct with our licensees. You pro aware of the fact that thoy nro increasing all tho thro, and that v.'o, an tho roiircaontativoti- of 'thono lloonooo!-. (so far as the ordering

of material is concerned), simply cr.pross thoir requirements, Messrs, P.orgmann i; Do. carry.; a- stock of instruments . and do hat . ask us to.;, plijeo - .or dors ahead, and wo .■■■■think that you should do tho same, f

' Jan. 0, 83.

S, A, Vtaconor, '

_ ffoloci’aphora 1 PnJjllahinc C)o«,

La p o v v. o :c i t y , is.

A. C, bavin, ;anar;c4/j,

.t ittoro , "id.

i<.:: cl: of ;■ tvo til h:u. tlmore/ tv/cnty-nino M^lor;

. 1 ]! vc lot-tor oi’ tho -ith inntant, oncloning I10 S'1 ‘"i ' ' >*' 1 i-'t the a* rro bo-

laiy, ; tho point a you dor.iro Uho:*.qplo::osV in

''•"jell- : o'yiiii* '.tho'cc t'.vo officer, vith r fnll f.ot. r.t-Mh of ■•'PP.03 io. 1;::;: i n i nt fourth o>~! „■ briclfjo ttondon- Kora for ti;o ivitray-pdfnto of fie- f or\ tAp nan of, two hundred fiol-

l;:rrj (lilJOrn. /Thin: included tfc <>::pojirto df oat* rxport. who vrauld

J /: i ; .■■ v - . . t

put tho o irotut in vvrarhv; nrddr for' pra. \'fe float, of o<jntploto oquir.monir for any Office is ;V), and rj. brJAi'(;o a or fK?’ Wtoi.'.rtaL hrairld all ho billed to yoiiW inanufucU prio/Sn, V/o '.\cld no pore entire Tea- bandana; ' oW bill ft for material ioX* j czu-enitn tore niifiply duplicates of. tho ^.U.^aont uoby tho ma^orn of mu- 1 ippory tun . You will thud Gocjlhr&\n tho above proposition wo W.ayio margin of only tfb-X tib Icovor 'tho oxponson of our Export fto./^NQiu* charge for royalty in >pnb imnclro)i

por yen r. This royalty is our only source of income and the- charge in the same rc{;ardloan of tho lonyth of any Phonoplc;: cir¬ cuit or t. lx) number of offices Hilly oqiiippocV or simply b-'iu,"<;sV am' included in tho circuit. If at any time tho Phonoplox is din continued and tho , inn truurcnt o disconnected, the royalty cannon from tho dato thereof. Our desire in that royaltion 'shall bo paid only upon circuits in ftotual use, hindly lot no. hnow at onoo if you would, lifcc thin worh done. Oiu* hr. :r,of;uc is near haltinoro now, and I could" forward the inn. mu lentn and.. ;;ot tho circuit in operation for you during -the course of tho next J'ow days, if you no wish. . : : ■■ :f

Yourn truly,

c?. .

(2 ) I _ I . .

s ; -s' -k

. !.i Ja;i. fi, 8«. |

OTjo- ^dimm -Iteokino .'.’'orks,

Behonoetady, V.

entlomcn: - '

X m in receipt oi* a letter from G. Suriahj ’fonlo ■.’nr’;, in which he pint os that ho hue flipped you 900 ohootp oi1 tissue; he undo the fir fit nhipmojifc two weeks a»;o and at the. came tirno ar.koa you to lot him know soon an -poaniblo how it worked j mil lu^rUipy nlioota you. would require kj'shly. Jip to «:o 1 i

time lie has rcc’d no .answer from you. It is vory , disc our ajjihe I

not to ho able to obtain from yon an osrprofcsoion of your opinion aii tp .til ip ti nKiip',./; I vVfir.h you would bo >566 d ibnot^jh to o oninunioiito j with "r. Pari oh -bn the , ’-:.v :i'; 'tt vt j

Yours truly , h < j

£>ubv,&rino dormunication .

' i#f IvJi if oori'iUJiiootion in lor dtV, w^o;»<. I: havo another I.abora- ■4;or.v.. X licv J' ill. an.’!, .r •« eel <i jkjV j'wbori tory horo, which has proven-boa my yoiiic to Ploi*i»hi it is wintor, but none winter I shall return to my experiments there in oonnootion with tho above anu, if tho success I moot with will warrant it, X will send tho appar¬ atus to establish communication -with the Island and tho main land

1' Industrie tin gar: , transferring the righto obtained by virtue of the afjrooncint with :;r. Edison. I desire to '..know if tlioro its any¬ thin;;. in t In bo agreement e which vail prohibit us from sell in g\ .

Edison lamps in E.wi tssorland which have boon naru fan turod in this country . Thera appeal's to be nothin;; expressed which, would ro- strict uk, hut, I am not sure as to whether or not we are barrod by implication. Our Agent in Antwerp is awaiting instructions ponding the . int»rprotation of this agreement, and I wish thoroforo that- yon would kindly give me the information at your oarly

I .have bo en the estimato of Kossrs, Eraznr Si do., amount inf; to 8k!G,a80, for tho Nagoya plant, and I find that after providing for contain oxponnos, of which I v/aa not awe, and alno for tho o>q>om;o of tho export!)', ‘iontsrn. I’rnxar & Co, tun maJ; ini- only about .11#, I aonoidor thoir ostiinato

January 14 , lfkir?,

Messrs Boivjmoim ft Co.,

He Vi York city,

Contlomon : -

I have a oornnonioatton •li*'onj our fry, hoguc, in which ho statori that you suggest that wo civ o you nn order for a doaen nets of Phonbplox instruments to carry in stock-, - - Inasmuch an to order thoso instruments from you constantly cmd that you arc avrnro that wo will call upon you at almost any time for thorn, wo consider that you should hoop thorn in stock as a rogular supply.

I find tliat Wo have used a considerable number of those instruments and you certainly should havo no objection to hooping up your own / stoch without roforonco to stock Sr dor s from our solves.

.Yours truly,

Klootr ician, .'■■■

Jaii ,

Prone is R, Upton, Roq.,

Tho Edison Lnrirp 'io , ,

Harrison, IT. J,

near Sir: W

I have your letter of tho lath instant, in regard to wiring for plants v/horo our lamps roplaoo arc lamps. V!hy not print thoroughly competent instructions? It acorns to mo that this J;inrt of vririna;, with a proper hook of instructions, oan ho dono hy tho man already in charge of arc circuits. It is not so complicated as our regular synton by any moans.

"nth chile!.

Hoar 5 i'r

In rofehonen to your note v.-ithout clrlio, a«I whore you cm coo Hr. r.tlison, I bor; to flay that ho is at his laboratory hero every flay from in A. IT. until !5 P. IT.

Jan-, l'7, ftli.

M V . I! d i o on,

- ' Boar Sir: -

I wont to town. this 'nomine to

attend os. a vjitnona in a suit against tho 7'dison hlcctrio Iiight Co'., : which vmi: postponed until to -morr orr (Wednesday ) morning at tan o'clock, when 1 have to tifjEln attend, as ■■Run noil and wool f are tho only vithenaos they have ih>r the defence.

I BI-M hr. lay lor of the Gold Stock, anti ho showed no copy ol* a contract vfhxclt you oxocvitod on I'ov,. i:%h, IfiSO, and whereby you or; rood to take &14, 000 for your interest in the Canadian i'olc- pliono patent, tho amount to huvo boon paid in seven years-, Sp>,000 por year. The first payment was made in Poo., l!5f>0, ninco which timo you have racoivod the balance in full. Wo, therefore, huvo no claim against the Gold & Stock Oo. Mr. Saylor is. sending me copy of this afjroomcnt in or dor to complete our records; wo do not appear to have one.

. In reference to Col. Gouraud-’s complaint ro^ai’dinc delay in '■'the- -matter of sending him copies, of contracts, those all vrq nt ;

forward on tho Slot Poe. last, Puskas' contracts wore all in , Prone H and I had to have thorn .'.translated, which, of courso* took

some tinn to accomplish, tion and bin ma.ttora two ponaiblo.

I flaw Hi-. Coat oi'. ] soy fi ho will act just ob

Ool. Oouraud is rocoivinjj every atton- boinQ expedited to as. groat an oxtont as

:-!o ■' has . done nothina ftirthor as yot, m ooon as an opportunity prosonto' it no If,

I an noridins out chocks to-nicht for all my bill a for

Jim v.

tv-in;: too la: A 10 inch Krai (toy rihn-o:

:i-.".hcr. A th.voo foot hot] planer, pv ’.0 inch :;ovo\v outtin.;: lathe, first cl , ' vdth hoed novirr; r;i;-o irayo. All tl: J.ot :-.r-ov; ii;t -oditt oly vvIiogo rctho y '.ct: n’ or rc.nJ:n lig a tool maher .

Yours truly.

fttvo so mo ,uttontip'n to nfftiii’s outrsicio.

Ml*., P, Vf, Jones,

Postal Tclocrai’h-Cablo Oo., Horr -York City.

Jon. 1'

1:\ rears' to tbc v.o-ort, 1<\ inob Intbo orf.orefl,

t.0 krk ; on if ~'o orarmt ls-.vo t1:e -ini'le of tiirt lathe rvMto r:VsV. r.orov: ibretU?., 10 pitch, 1 iS/h O.itmotor, V tbroi'cl. 1' a loo like to sent! you o rormor for tho hole in that

will be node i'or tbo centres. Whin ir. very irrportrait rnti if you ct'-n noooibly have it .done an , . o nhoult' bo very el o.;lin«''. »° you.

Yours, '.truly,

I have your letter o;f the 1: ;th loot., in ro throne o to now tolof;rtt<h company vrliioli in to ho ineorpnri.t-d an;1 .•• by tho i'civommcnt . I have r.t the nreoent time two or three on with the boBtorn Union, in ro la", ion to :;ome nr »iy to?.crv;*;rdK6[ invention;;, and I eo not want to {O’ttt>conir:o v.] cm .jurt at. tho

My Door .Tohnnon: -

X will go to tho Ohio ago Convention with you. If you have not already clone go, kindly send mo nil details as tc what day and what time vra loavo Hew York. I understand that you are to have a special car for tho contingent from this end. May I continue in this pleasant belief?

Jon. 24, 88.

Ur. H. II. Livor,

The Hdison Uaohino Works, 10 31oy fit . , Haw York .

hoar f! i r : -

In regard to tho Walters' 10 inch planer that a allure! has now in store, ploaso got us tho host price that ycru can on that tool anti have it sent up to us. h'o quoted $400., hut perhaps you can do hotter than this.

In regard to the i; which .Vrasur quotod $0.1 can on this and tioncl it I s rev in Manning, '!u:r.vc3 do not remembor the prit it to mo .

' inch Rhuping machine travelling head,

H> for, please cot us the host price you out also . The 8:5 inch Hondoy ahnpor that LI * Moore's store is what wo want, hut I jo. Please got lowest price and tolocraph

In ro yu*d to lath.os, you have our order for one 1<) irr;h Bocert lutho, PIouro meSto this order two instead of ono, both to ho made alike as regards spindle and tapers. I want you also to find out for oc how soon they could got us a 10 inch 8 foot lathe and a 20 inch 18 ft, lathe; got mo information an to how lone ' it would take to deliver them and tho lowont prices, Ploaso answer, and. oblige

Yours truly,

A* B, nick Co.,

Ohina,-;n, Ilia,

Pontlonon: -

1 cnoloBo herewith $

- <>«•.- .•..Ui.,0K80(] to the-

°f th0 non £ a *, . ,laji It;

Von rill observe that they ntiUe thv a n corl, , . a conic,, bo !om in that nmoiti-

v, 1 " °-,'JOctioji with tho o loo trie

° W°Ulf1 bo no ^enmity m

eatisfootion of A. . RC ° b!'

'• ••'• jonaoson tho hijjh .merits or tv, is Ai'toi- making a note no ,t0w.

thp °ntn of t,!ls l«ttor kindly i oti

tho onmo to mo a ,

coord of thin lottor may bo of service1 to

1033 y°U- arrangements with l-r - .

Yours truly,

I lmvo your., letter of thb Mrs, P.rtison and X will bo very glad to s< Mrn, Thurston whenever you arc ablo to oomo to your boys go .'on 'their 'annual inspection tour ooo fc bow hope anil show ■■thcnii my.: Laboratory . .

" Yours truly,

Prof. U, H, 'i'hurston,

Oornoll Univornity,

Ithaca, Y.

30th Instant, so yourself and i Orange . V/hon ! will be s;lao to


I!}' , .Tosoyh . uvchiwojt.

J|b» :ir:-

Xn i’of oronco to -yow Xottbr of tho .’//tii instant, when X last bow Mr. Ifantin»j3 oncl oonvorsod with him regarding Hauth /.nor i aim bn a. i non a, ho appeared to bo quite willing to give the ; 'a. chi no Vovka the privilege of working in the Argentine Uopnblic, Uruguay oncl Brazil, If you havo not soon him sinco tho rocoipt of my former lottor, X think it would be worth your while to drop in at 15 Broad fitroot any time you nro down that way, Mr, JlcUtson oavr your letter mi dor reply and ho tli ink i; it would bo a good idoo. if the Machine Y/orko would take hold of that bur.inotjr,,

Yoiu’o truly,

Private Seo'y,

Jsai. HO,

Byron Brcmwnll, T’r:n.,

«.'•’> prumabough Gardens,

T. P I J7 B U l\ (i H , _ Scotland,


X hnvo your letter of loth inot. and on much obliged for copy of the “British Medical Journal containing your pnpor on the phonographic registration of tho heart sounds. The .jour¬ nal has not yot cono to hand, but I proaumc it will roach mo in tho o our so of a day or .two, vihen I '.will peruse your paper with much inter oat.

Yours truly,

</ c^T

UY f

I can m;J: ijv; arrangement s with tho hemp no;,- the Ifaohine Y/orlso and tho Mtfit nonpar y (and I wtoh to make a iiimiim- arron-cnort with 'ka-tfiiann * (Jo. )' for n weekly aflvnneo to oovoi- the cost of oxy. or imentu 7/hioh I tftinii conduct in tho inter- oiiU; of oaoh of tho four ooncorna. Thoso nftftauoii rill bo orofli.. toct to tlioir respective ucobunto and every quarter bills will bo i-onrtoi-od fc-om thin office Ibr ouch vrork M boo boon carried on dm- in.; the prococdiU; throe months. and a br lance ntnwJ; which can bo adjusted one vmy or tho other.

In order to arrive at a basin for those advances I have made as close an’ estimate as it is possible to form at the present time, in connection with -work now progress in-;, Peremonn & Oo's proportion of which is $1150.00 per week, n chock for which amount can bo sent me on tho same day as your own pay roll is mot.

' You will readily sec that, my object in making this arrange¬ ment is to have each of the shops and the Mf;ht Co. provide cap own work, which I am unable to do, nnd tho method

till far their.

of vrookly remit tancoo- trill X apprehend bo mono antiKihctov around than tho payment of lav nor nurin at Ion nor intorvalo

Jan. HO, 8ii.


I am marine arranfiomonts with tho Ljtnip Company,

' Berf?ivmn * 00 021(3 tho Litiht Oo. {and I wish to make a similar npranBQBont with tho "uchino Works) for a weekly advance to cover the cost of oxforinonts whioh I shall conduct in tho interests of each of the four concerns . Those advances will bo credited to thoir re snoot ivo accounts and every quarter bills will 'fee ren¬

dered from tMs office for such work as has boon carried on durlr tho ■precnoflins three months and a ..balance struck whioh can bo adjusted one Tmy or tho othor.

In order to air ivo at a basis for those advances I have made as close an estimate as it is possible to form at the present tim in connection with work how prosrossinc, tlio Tlachino Works pro¬ portion of which in ${5150.00 per wools, a chock for which amount con bo sent me on tho name day as your own pay rool in not.

You will readily soa that my objoct in making this nrrnneo- "»nt is to have each of the shops and the light Oo. provide

i’oi’ their own work, i/l'ioh I uni unable to do, and tlio method v/ookly roKiittoncco v.lll I apprehend bo morn eatiBfuotory.uU around than the payment of largeiksuma at longer intervale.

Youth very truly.

Samuel Imull , Bsq,, (Jon 1 . Manager ,

Tho Edison Machine Works, Sohonootady, IT, Y.

( a )

Joaoph Y/ctzlor, Vaq,,

"ELootrlonl '-'.'oriel, M

177 Potior Pdf;, j If, V, City,

Pour :;Li* :

In reference to your letter of the ;wth irist,, I botf to say that Iridium -.lire cannot bo msflo, oo Iridium is a brittle niotal. A twenty por oont -Iridium, with platinum, in, however, made , which in hnrdor than tho -pure platinum'' wiro. All thono metals erneJ; when heated. If brought up by my old prooouo they do not crack and are olantic at a white incandose . I do not know how they w ill stand in air. '

Yours truly,

11 A 11 R I S 0 IT ,

I am fiuikinj; arrangements with the Mfsshino Vorks»

8>- Go. wifi tho Light Oompany ( and I trinfr to, make a similar arranganonb v/ith the Lamp So. ) for a weekly advance : to cover the coat of pxpor imoiits which I -rihall. conduct, in the interests of ouch of tho four oonoornn, Those advances will bo eroditod to thoir reBpoctivo aocountii nnd ovoi'y quarter bills will bo ?. rendered. from tlria office for such wprl< as has boon carried on during tho proceeding throe months and a balance r struck whi oh can bo adjusted ono way or the other.

In order to arriyo at a bania for those advances I lmvo made an close an estimate as it is possible to form at tho pro sent time, in connootion v/ith work now progressing, tho Lamp Go's proportion of whioh ia .'JtfbO.OO per week , a chock for which amount •. oan bo oont mo on the same day as your own pay roll

in mot.

You vri.ll readily boo that my object in miking thin arrange¬ ment i:i to hovo oaoh of the chops ancl the Light Oo. proviso capi¬ tal far their ovm work, which I ran unable to do, tuxl tho not hod of weekly remittances vri.ll I apprehend bo more sn.tinfn.otory nil nrowifl than tho payment of largor aaiutf at longer interval a.

Yourn very truly,

dod indobt ortho

long, and thin §40,000, at .8#";

odd on lot of An -st lent, tl.0 rt!t.o i ^ thn f r:,t •l. Shore kto •'.'till a fov of the old bonds out- t §10,000 worth, which wo hope to tahe tip before

11 m'*° »w notnnl bonded indob tortnooB about ' |

V/o ontorod into a now oontraot with tho Comp acme 1

tho oonclontior tosinoaB. Mr., ffiismi :»ttvfcciB that ho As nwrro of •tho. iaot that Hot York is no place ''to.'.' bity . 'oonflon sorn . Ho sonfc to Enfjlenj . i’or a supply, tot moamhUo ho would like to borrow from you tho one montionoci above.

vourf! truly, . .

CL. CD, ^

Priyato Hoc *y,

stoat! of i’03i florin;; otutonontr, quarterly, an proposed in my prbvious lottor, I have "adopted- a ausfiostion of the X!di3on Lamp Oo., nanoly,;

rondor thorn monthly. X oarmot Rot thorn out weekly asi yon trifih

Mison-fUnrns 'torpedo motor,

Col/ Geo, J!.„ Ooumud,

"Tilttlo " onlo," Upper y.ov-ittfQy rini'i’oy , Enf'lanrl.

I bo.'-; to oonfiifl my cabin;;;-; •“Kosiir, j.o’.do;;,

this riiox’ii in;; an fellWa

bn not approve clomontic . 11

::nnc;;tio talq>honc. X tin not corn to Jsvvc my >, -.wo;! an con¬

nect on with thin in.-itr-itx-nt .

I ha\ ro your cablc/jrar-i oi' Bint ult . , n;; I’oilov;;:: -

"Tiioonne i'o iml; loi-ry lot, torn; on over ''ai mot 1c . 11

'.'.'ho above oublocrnm answers the last part on? your metjoa^o. In' rGfjnrd to loiters v/hich you v/ant, I have searched my records ' ~ thorotifjhly and etui find no cor;- capon donee of the .T.ontlon Utoroo- soopio & i’hotonraphic Co. I 1-avo aacoi-ttt ined that the i utter of the disclaimer was entirely in the Inn eh; of the firm vdth which Hr, ./atorhonao ’.van connected in IB: 50. I pro anno you have consulted ofiriru . V/ato rhour.c, \7intcrbqtham & Harrison. I cm still hunting ,

xt f'ivoe «® much plonmu’o to. crato full y noknovlocTco the

!Ht Tiliich you huvo taken in my vrorki

I tho luist uo noil'

Willy' your oontompla-bf

nnvgiition of my Inter of iln Yours very truly,

Prof. VI, F. Barrett,

Royal Oollo/jo of Science, nuniilil, Ireland.

Fob. a, OS.

Ur, Iffu-tin 37, Force,

c/o The 'VUnon bmp Oo , ,

Harrison,1 n, J,

I.Iy Door Sir:-

I liavo your letter of tho «oth of January, in res Ter or co to "i’U03?. imEROH’fi Am-Jt-CPhOSP-T! OOHPOUHD." This

man 3 'tele nr is, I tlti.nfc, the name party vrho liao ihu-ina the past Jf eve months ftoon varJeinjj the -!Tow Fn'ilarct ntal.os,' pcfiillinu this cor.iponna iml making umuthorisofl uao of my mmn, I struo to cl niy cosinool, Mr, Jno, <3, 93omlintson, -rf-'i-P Wall nt,, II, Y«, to taieo ; such-. stops inrnoctiat oly as will prevent a continuance of. .this abuse .

I am very rmuih oblieocl to you for having called my attention to tho natter.

Yours truly.

I in old a .o' you a loft or of hrano ion

do liman, Jjyoji, France. I believe 'that ihio men could bo of Brent service to you in Prance in Phonograph matters,' if you should ;H!r' cl anybody there. Ko i;; very energetic anti urn omnand quite a l;\n;o unount of capital in the district in which h.r it; working. Kn comes from a very old family and in very highly respected. Ho has . succeeded iji getting it largo amount Of money invested - and I believe the only money invested in Plane e - in Central Stations i As you vriH boo hy his lattor, ho is very' dissatisfied with his associations with the Tldison light Com- panios of Paris and wishoa to dovoto his onorgios to something else. I hem written him a letter, stating that I have sent his letter to you, so if you think yon can utilize Iris servioos, plonsc communicato direct with him.

•Col. (i core 9 3-:. mm§m

boar fiir:-

In roforonoo to your tnomoronclum of .Tan. loth, I ani ajiviaocl by m Patent Attorneys, JJoao, byor and Scoly, that tlioy havo tun it you powers ol’ attorney for fill Tiuro- poan countries. They arc quite sm'o' that thosso iU-o eonploto, but if you require any further powers I. would eiuajont that y Oh have . thorn proparoeV and fiend thorn horo to mo for signature. "

Samuel Insull , Esq . ,

The r’clinon Unqhino Vtovks, Schenectady, ", :Y,

D o a r r; ir : yv':;.-

X vri.ll fsnml you tho pat on to that I !;nvo already f»ot and vill also Tii’ito you a lettor of authorisation to have thorn irnnr.forrod to tho nnrno of Tho Edison Eachino V/or3:s. In re¬ turn please send mo a letter from tho Maohino Works, a£jrboin£S to ansumo nny Utility that may occur from lavr suite brought by tho Edison Electric Iiitfht Co. or anybody olso intorostod by those contracts monbionod.

1 cm lr> oo horcwith a ooinrnurL-

^.tioji wliioh I luvo voooivotl ft-om Prof. V. j?. Parrott, Royal Collo/jo of floionoo, JWblln, who toolroo to deliver a loo two

0t*"° 1iil,r unrt ,,inl!0B t0 one of t-jy Phono^rapho

to ex,:!,,!* at the ti». 7. have re ;illod to Pwif. nni,.ottj ^

that the Phonograph in TXiropo was in you, hands and that I had

roforroc to on nd ask yon

da letter to you. X also stated that I vrno arrnnninc y0WS mr‘ t0 ***** ***» «>«» nmohinoc: and that I would i rondoi- Prof, Parrott an much ansi stnnoc as lay in your

power when , those mnohinon reached -you.

V.y Boar Profooaor jiarkor:-

Your 1 ott or -of- tho Oth insit. . addrosai&^j 'to. Mr, J’idison, linn oomo during tho- el) sene o. of tho latter in whoro ho .-wont yostorduy to attend tho convontioft* of ‘klison Ill. Oomponios,

" .I’ll' I'i'ort'k. Bromwoll cablafl i.-tr, Btlinon onno timo af;o,; aakinfj; for apparatus for uso in obnnootion with a loeture which wan to ho do livorod at tho Royal Inntitut ion, I think nonio timo tlrin iTioirth.

At tho timo this asblocrcjn was roo 'cl. , Mi*; Edison- expo c tort to none!

in a very short timo one of tho oxper imontora iVom his- Laboratory to England, with a. Phonograph, and I bcliovo ho in ton dot! that this man should takesomo apparatus for Sir .Vrod'k. as woll. The Phonograph, as you know , has been dolayod, and this, 1 prosrtrno, has inter for.od with i'r. l!di son's calculations , As soon as ho re¬ turns from Chicago I will show him your lottor and send oomo definite information to !?ir I'rod'k. Bramwoll.

. Yours truly,

a.&, %

Privato Roc’y.

m non-:' iV.> Vail:--

In rnforcnoo to your lottor of thoj rtf', instant, ?!r, Allan anyn that ho hku a roaort’in'; m MSlWtor anti trill hnvo it sot up at onoo for th.o tost nr.!’ trill at’ vino yon df tho